1. My extractor fan is not extracting

To avoid the unnecessary expense of a callout fee, we recommend that you first check whether your extractor fan was installed correctly. For your convenience, we list the most common installation errors here below:

  • Installer did not remove the tape on the butterfly valve. (Q: 13). 
  • Installer did not secure the power cord inside the chimney. (Q: 13).
  • Your ducting hose is exceeding the recommended maximum length. (Q: 13).
  • Your unit is not installed at the recommended height. (Q: 3).
  • Your unit is installed above the wrong application. (Q: 2).

A R 450.00 Service fee will apply when we log a service call and any of the points above apply.

2. Can I use the extractor fan above my gas braai?

Only our Gas Braai Extractor “Model Nr: HES702” can be used for this application. Please note that the other models are designed for the intended purpose of domestic kitchens only and cannot be used as a commercial extractor fan.   Commercial usage includes but is not limited to: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Soup Kitchens, Tuck shops, Food trailers, Gas braai’s inside or outside your property, any other form of braai and any kitchen that is used for commercial purposes.   Using the extractor you purchased on any commercial application poses a serious fire risk and will result in immediate void of your warranty.

3a. What is the correct installation height?

The recommended installation height is 750mm above a gas stove and 650mm above an electrical stove.   On either application it is recommended that your installation height does not exceed 750mm to ensure the best results.

3b. Do I require a recirculation kit?

The extractor was designed to be used on both applications; External and Re-circulation air operation and no additional kit is required.

4. What is the difference between External and Re-circulation air operation?

Re- circulation; All wall mount units are supplied with aluminium and charcoal filters. For Re-circulation mode you will simply install the unit using the aluminium and the charcoal filters. The air discharged from your extractor is then clean and grease free and gets recirculated back into the kitchen. There are two options when using your extractor on Re-circulation

1 – Let the filtrated air escape through the vents on top of your top chimney.

2 – Attach the extendable ducting house to vent the air into your ceiling. Activated charcoal in the charcoal filters removes odour and smoke particles from the air before releasing the cleaned air back into the kitchen.

External: The only difference between Re-circulation mode and external mode is that on external mode you are venting the air to the outside of your property using a ducting hose. This means the clean filtrated air will not be discharged into your kitchen or ceiling but to the outside. The unit is supplied with an extendable ducting hose. When venting your air outwards the charcoal filters can be removed to improve the suction rate. Removing the charcoal filters on re-circulation mode is not recommended.

Please note that the vent cover that fits into your wall when venting your air outwards is not supplied with the extractor and can be purchased locally.

5. How does an Extractor Fan work?

Extractor fans are designed to remove airborne grease, steam, heat smoke and odours from cooking by extracting and filtering the air in the immediate vicinity of your cooking surface.

6. Are my downlights/bulbs covered under the guarantee period?

Downlights, bulbs, aluminium and Charcoal filters and are not covered under the guarantee period.   For the full list of terms and condition of the guarantee period please read the warranty certificate supplied inside the box or in your manual.   You can also download it from www.falco.co.za

7. How often do I have to replace my filters?

With daily use we recommend that you replace your charcoal filters every 6 months. Your aluminium filters can be cleaned in luke warm water and dishwashing liquid. Please do not put your aluminium filters in the dishwasher as this will discolour the filters and they will become dull.   Alternatively you just purchase new aluminium filters.

8. How long is my warranty and what does it entail: ?

All our extractor fans carry a two-year guarantee.   Motors, PC Boards, Capacitors, Transformers (for units with 12V downlights), 220V light sockets(for units with normal 220V light bulbs), Main Control Switches and motor fan blades are covered by our two year parts and labour guarantee.

9. What is excluded from my warranty?

Downlights and bulbs, Glass panels and extractor glass, aluminium and charcoal filters are excluded from the warranty.

10. How do I clean my Stainless steel extractor?

Always ensure your extractor is cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners.  Always read the cleaning product instructions and ensure that the product is safe for use on Stainless steel. Two great products are window cleaner, which is also a stainless steel cleaner, and spray on wood polish, another certified stainless steel cleaner. Please note that abrasive cleaners will damage the stainless steel and will cause rust or rust stains.

11. Why is there rust marks on my extractor?

Stainless steel can rust if cleaned with abrasive cleaners. The chemicals inside abrasive cleaners react with the stainless steel which will result in rust forming.   There are many day to day cleaning products in our kitchens that are abrasive cleaners and unknown to the consumer.   Please make sure you read the instructions and if Stainless Steel is not mentioned, then do not use the product on Stainless steel.

12. Can I extend my stainless steel chimneys if they are to short?

Yes, only on a wall mount unit.   Island extractor chimneys CANNOT be extended.  Please make sure of your measurements before starting your installation process.   Additional bottom chimneys are sold by Lategan & Van Biljoens in Pretoria and they are used to extend the chimneys on wall mount units.

13. My extractor is blowing and not extracting?

There are three main reasons that can cause your extractor to blow instead of extracting and most of the time (98%), this is caused by faulty installations. Please make sure that there is no obstruction on top or inside your ducting hose.   Make sure the power cable is neatly secured inside the chimneys and make sure the power cable is not causing an obstruction on top of your butterfly valve.   Poor workmanship and failure to secure the power cable causes the cable to lie on top of the butterfly valve and this will block and prevent the unit from extracting properly.
Please ensure that the tape stuck over your butterfly valves in the factory is removed when your unit is installed.   Failure to remove the tape on the two butterfly valves will result in the airflow outlet to be restricted and this will cause the air to be returned causing the blowing of air instead of the extraction of air.   Before booking a service call make sure you check this first to avoid being charged.

(a)This is a picture of the butterfly valve closed with the tape on top:


The tape should be removed when installed. Both butterfly valves open when the extractor is switched on:


(b) Ducting hoses exceeding the 2.5m will also have a negative effect on the extraction rate of your extractor fan. If you are out-venting the air and the extension of ducting hose exceeds 2.5m you need to purchase an addition extraction motor that must be installed in line with the ducting hose to support in the extraction of the air.   The longer your ducting hose the less your extraction rate will be. If your ducting hose is too long and you did not install an additional in-line extracting motor your extractor will not extract the air. Please ask your installer about an additional in-line motor when you’re ducting hose is exceeding 2.5m.

14. Parts Availability

Full range of spares is available from Lategan & Van Biljoens in Pretoria. www.appliancesspares.co.za

15. What is the diameter of my ducting hose?


More Queries?

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Spares can be viewed and ordered online: appliancespares.co.za